You want to get married...easy! 

But you don't want the hoopla of a big wedding...perfectly ok!  

You just want it to be your nearest and dearest or even just yourselves and two witnesses and me of course....100% 

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple! 

Elopements and intimate weddings

You’re not into big weddings and all you want to do is run away and marry the one you love?

Well I have it all sorted for you.  I offer photography for the smaller weddings! 

Choose your location and away we go. Whether you choose to have just your witnesses or a small handful of guests, we will make your elopement intimate, emotional and personal.

The majority of the hard work is done for you so chat to me today.

Choose from 2, 3 or 4 hour packages! 

Your Elopement Investment 

All final images are edited and made available via an online gallery for download. 

Albums / Large prints available for additional purchase.

Available as a witness

Prices start at $900.00

Elopement Packages



2 hours of coverage with 1 photographer 

Approximately 200-400 high resolution images 

Online gallery 

Gift wrapped USB 

Inclusive of GST 

Will cover your ceremony and bridal portraits at multiple locations.

Package includes

3 hours of coverage with 1 photographer 

Approximately 300-500 high resolution images 

Online gallery 

Gift wrapped USB 

Inclusive of GST 

Could cover your preparations, your ceremony and 2 locations for bridal portraits 

Package includes

Package includes

4 hours of coverage with 1 photographer 

Approximately 400-700 high resolution images 

Online gallery 

Gift wrapped USB 

Inclusive of GST 

Could cover your preparations, your ceremony and your bridal portraits and a little of your reception if you are having one.

  • Your big day is here, Yay!  You may not know this, but I'm just as pumped about the day as you.  My bags are packed and I'm ready to go! 

  • I'll arrive early to make sure I am where i need to be and if we are meeting at the ceremony location be at your wedding spot!  You can spot me, I will be the one carrying two cameras and beaming with excitement! 

What to expect from me on your Elopement Day!

  • During the ceremony and even bridal portraits, I'll  be a photo ninja.  I'll be here there and everywhere, all over to make sure I capture everything that's happening.  

  • I'm an expert at catching candid moments when no one is watching.  I'll be the sneaky paparazzi that will get the shots you are going to love.  I'll also be the one that will stand up and take control of a situation when needed and get everyone in order. 

  • I promise no cheesy or cringey or forced poses...ewwwww!  It will just be about you and your new husband or wife enjoying each other on the best day of your life! 

We'll be a good fit if....

You are after a photographer who will be more than just the person who takes photos for the day and you never hear from again.  You will be looking for a new friend, one you can have fun with and makes your day even more special! 

You love dogs, or animals in general!  Bring your fur baby and include them in the photos.  They're a special part of the day too.  

You are prepared to step out of your comfort zone, let your hair down and go on a adventure with me to get the most epic photos and memories.

Belle has maintained excellent communication and provided the most beautiful photos that we’ll treasure forever!
If some photos are edited to be grey scaled and you want them in colour she’s happy to accommodate.
Sometimes I feel like to be polite I can’t ask for things that I would like, but I’ve never felt that with Belle because she is so easy to talk to and accomodating.
Couldn’t have asked for a better photographer!
Also highly recommend getting the package that comes with the engagement shoot, it was well past our engagement but really helped us become more familiar with the camera and the process.
Thank you Belle xx


The awesome thing about Belle is that you are instantly comfortable with her, that means that your guests are comfortable and you feel comfortable on your special day.


My husband and I met Belle while she was taking photos at a friends wedding, I hadn't even seen her work (and we weren't even engaged) but the vibe Belle had was enough for me and I just knew I had to make sure she was the photographer at my wedding (whenever that was going to be!!). Belle was one of the first people I messaged after we were engaged and through covid restrictions and reschedules she was always my first contact because I just knew we had to have her be our photographer! And boy are we thrilled that we did. Incredible, amazing, stunning photos aside, Belle brings a personality that makes the chore of taking photos so, so much fun and it's suppliers like her that you need on a day like your wedding. With all the stresses of the day, I felt comfortable knowing that I had one less thing to worry about because we knew we could trust Belle with capturing everything. Looking through our gallery was like reliving our wedding all over again, every smile and feeling captured perfectly. She doesn't know it yet, but Belle is stuck with us and our future family and our photos for the rest of her career! We love you!!

Very rarely do you come across someone that you know you need in your life! 

Belle is the most amazing photographer and person! She was our number one choice for our wedding and she did not disappoint! She went above and beyond for us, she was professional but also feel like we’ve gained a friend now too! Her work is beautiful and her eye for details is amazing! So so impressed and would highly recommend belle to everyone!!! Thank you belle


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